13 Unexpected Facts About North Korea That You Had No Idea About

The world is becoming increasingly interested in North Korea and its way of life. However, we know extremely little about this country. Even those who have been there might give absolutely contradictory accounts.

Bright Side has collected fascinating and virtually unknown facts about North Korea, which might help us to understand this country and its people a little better.

1. North Koreans are convinced that Korea is a single country.

If you take a political map of the world made in any other country, you’ll see both North and South Korea on it. However, North Koreans are certain that there is only one Korea: any school map shows a united country with the capital of Pyongyang.

13 Unexpected Facts About North Korea That You Had No Idea About

On the other hand, despite both sides seemingly dreaming about unification, both have their own reasons to maintain the status quo.

2. They call Americans “big noses.”

An American soldier on a propaganda poster from the Pyongyang War Museum

North Koreans believe that all Americans have big noses, huge eyes, and hairy chests. According to defectors’ accounts,

they are taught to kill American soldiers in their school PE classes. For this, they use cardboard mannequins made to look like people in military uniforms, with giant noses and wide-open blue eyes.

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